About the Photographer

Thank you for checking out my portfolio. I am a Dallas/Ft-Worth based photographer specializing in portraits and weddings. 

I always liked pictures. As a kid, I treasured disposable cameras and raced around the school photographing everything. In college I put it to use when I was hired by the school newspaper. I loved photojournalism, but mostly because it was the key to breaking through my introversion. I needed to tell the stories around me. Photography is and always has been a universal language that helps me connect with a wide range of people and briefly experience their lives. I’m on the court during games, backstage with rock stars and come face to face with everyone from starving artists to political leaders. It’s taken me coast to coast and into dozens of schools, religious centers and homes. Every day is a new adventure and everyone has a story. This lifestyle has a strong pull on me. I get to be everywhere and do everything.

I specialize in dramatic portraits, but my photos are a happy mix of dark and light. They capture the drama of dark images mixed with the flattering light of brighter styles. I’m so thankful for the photography gurus who opened my mind to more complicated lighting techniques. Once I learned the complexities,  I started seeing the world in terms of light. It changed everything for me. The ability to transform the scene in front of you into something entirely different feels like magic. It’s addictive.

You can reach me by email at jeanphotog@yahoo.com or by phone at 682-410-2283